Throw In My Mile Time (The Tower)

by Alyssa Herzinger Elliott | Lilies in the Bardo

Voiceover: Chanel Miller
“Victim Impact Statement”


The Tower spoke to me of the ivory tower of academia and the towering institutions of the courts, both of which so let down Chanel Miller in her case against the rapist Brock Turner. This card represents shattered beliefs, flipped institutions, and creating beauty from chaos, which Miller has done by using her own voice to speak up for other victims, bring light to the inadequacy of the American justice system, and take control of her own story.

In this piece, I translated the following phrases from Chanel Miller’s Victim Impact Statement using musicomancy:

“Your honor if it is alright”
“But you’ve been inside me”
“And that’s why we’re here today”
“He said no”
“Throw in my mile time”

I’ve recorded myself speaking the invasive questions that she reports were asked of her by the defense attorney, as there is no public recording of his questioning.

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