I’m thrilled you’re here. Like, light-a-candle-and-have-a-little-introvert-party-with-just-the-two-of-us kind of thrilled. Because I don’t think it’s an accident you made your way here (coincidences are too magical to not be… well, magic).

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Who am I, anyway?

Babe, I ask myself that question all the time. (That’s what comes of being an INFP and Enneagram 4, innit. If you don’t know what those are, then…eeee!! I’m so excited to share with you!)

But the first-date-answer is that I’m a transformation coach:

I’m here to help you clarify what your best, happiest life looks like

and then

figure out creative, fulfilling ways to really, truly,
make it happen.

I’m also ex-Mormon, and I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You can read my whole long bio here.

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Hands down one of the very best writing workshops I have ever attended – miles above many of the writing workshops I’ve encountered in many of the top conferences for a much higher price. The atmosphere and ambiance were amazing even over Zoom; Alyssa is a fantastic teacher who leads an enlightening class at a great pace. She opened a new world for me and gave me practices I now incorporate in every writing session.

Molly Murray (2109 Pushcart Prize Nominee; Author of Today, She Is; Outdoor Editor of Panorama: The Journal)

This course was informative, grounding, soul-expanding, and so much fun! Alyssa has the beautiful ability to bring you further and deeper into your body while opening your creativity.

She strikes the perfect balance between structure and freedom, giving general guidelines for exercises (and several modifications to accommodate everyone) but leaving room to follow the writing wherever it takes you.

By the end, I had a deeper appreciation for my body, my intuition, and my creativity; I also wrote some things I’m really proud of. Thank you!

Hannah Vinchur


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